About Yizhak Toledano

Humble beginnings of Yizhak Toledano; CEO of Sky Development

Yizhak Toledano is one of South Florida’s most successful real estate developers and is responsible for managing a number of residential and commercial real estate projects with his company Sky Development. Yizhak Toledano decided to move to the US in order to gain further knowledge and experience in business and real estate abroad.

Yizhak Toledano arrives in the United States

Upon arriving in America, Toledano started working as a mortgage loan officer. This helped him gain an understanding of real estate and business from a purely financial viewpoint. Even today, this experience has been proven to have been hugely beneficial for Toledano’s career as it helped to teach him about a wide variety of important areas with regards to business, such as project funding, payment processing and collection, as well as keeping up to date on the ever changing residential mortgage market.

The start of Sky Development

With his already extensive on-site experience, as well as his newly gained understanding and knowledge of the financial side of real estate, 2001 saw Toledano setup his own real estate company called Sky Development. Creating Sky Development was a significant milestone in the professional career of Yizhak Toledano as it gave him the opportunity to invest in unique real estate projects that he would ultimately turn into tangible and profitable successes.

Sky Development experiences exponential growth

Many of the initial projects that Yizhak Toledano handled in the early days of Sky Development were much more humble in size and capacity than the real estate development projects he is responsible for today. In fact, his first project involved the purchase and renovation of two apartment blocks in Miami, Florida. These modest projects were but a small indicator of what was to come to Sky Development soon after. Before too long, Toledano was responsible for some of the biggest real estate developments in Miami.

Award winning company and employees

From the outset, Yizhak Toledano only accepted the highest standard of business conducted and indeed, only the most impressive potential employees need apply to work for this organization. Award winning employees lead to award winning work and Sky Development was awarded in 2007 the Visionary Development Award by Miami Florida Developers & Builders Alliance Association for a unique and innovative real estate initiative; a mixed-use innovation.